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scott C234 perforation
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Thank you for your help. 


PSG lists 4 varieties: 829 (C234) 10.8, 829a 12.4, 829b 11.1, and 829c 12.4 on fluo paper. I have a (used) and c  (MNH).  The overprint I have from this issue (1057, Scott C415) is 11.1. 2,000,000 829 were printed, according to G2.  I couldn't find any information on the relative scarcity of any of these issues.

Eric Dyck
Librarian and Website Administrator

Hi ISGC members , I, m looking if someone have the guatemala stamp scott C234 isgc no, 828 with both perforation , I know , the stamp with 10.4 is common but the stamp with perforation 12.4 is rare ? o not, I have both in my collection but im not sure . Thanks for your help.   


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